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1st August 2020 | Win Noise Shot Wireless Headphones


Amazon Quiz Today Answers Daily

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 1st August 2020 | Win Noise Shot Wireless Headphones

Question 1. Which country recently hosted the third G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting?

Answer 1 – Saudi Arabia

Question 2. Which of these organizations is behind Covaxin- a proposed vaccine for COVlD- 19, which is currently undergoing trials?

Answer 2 – Bharat Biotech

Question 3. July 16th 2020 was the 75th anniversary of the Trinity Test. What was the result of the project that included this test?

Answer 3 – First Atomic Bomb

Question 4. Which author recently published a new book titled β€˜A Song of India’ to mark 70 years of his literary journey?

Answer 4 – Ruskin Bond

Question 5. Which Academy Award winner will receive the β€˜Tribute Actor Awardβ€˜ in the Toronto Film Festival 2020?

Answer 5 – Kate Winslet

On 24th December, 1986 an act was passed which gave safeguards against unfair trade practices. What day is observed on 24th December?

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 31st July 2020 | Win Sony Headphones

Question 1. Which team recently clinched their 34th La Liga title by beating Villarreal 2-1 ?

Answer 1 is – Real Madrid

Question 2. Which major social media site recently had it’s high profile members targeted in a Bitcoin scam hack?

Answer 2 is – Twitter

Question 3. Which driver recently achieved his 90th pole position in F1?

Answer 3 is – Lewis Hamilton

Question 4. According to a recent UN report, which country helped over 270 million people move out of poverty in the last 10 years, the highest?

Answer 4 is – India

Question 5. Which American singer- songwriter is set to headline the virtual EDM fest ’Tomorrowland Around the Worldβ€˜?

Answer 5 is – Katy Perry

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Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 25th July 2020 | Win Bose Headphones

Question 1. Actor Jagdeep, who recently passed away, is remembered for playing which much-loved role in Sholay?

Answer 1 is – Soorma Bhopali

Question 2. Dubbed as the pandemic Test, the first international cricket match after the Coronavirus break, was played between England and which team?

Answer 2 is – West Indies

Question 3. What is the name of the re- branded Google Plus for enterprise customers?

Answer 3 is – Google Currents

Question 4. Which company supplies the Apache and Chinook helicopters to India?

Answer 4 is – Boeing

Question 5. Hope orbiter, that was launched recently, is the first Mars mission of which country?

Answer 5 is – UAE

Amazon Bose 700 Headphones Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 21st July 2020 | WinΒ Bose SoundSports Headphones

Question 1. Which country, recently in news due to elephant deaths, is home to almost a third of African elephants?

Answer 1 is – Botswana

Question 2. Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in Delhi is the host of India’s first , launched very recently.

Answer 2 is – Plasma Bank

Question 3. For the first time ever which Grand Prix opened the F1 calendar with a closed door event?

Answer 3 is – Austrian Grand Prix

Question 4. In Gujarat, Dhanvantri Rath services has been launched to provide what kind of services to the people?

Answer 4 is – Healthcare

Question 5. Which 200-year-old apparel company, that outfitted 40 of the last 45 US presidents, recently filed for bankruptcy?

Answer 5 is – Brooks Brothers

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Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 17th July 2020 | Win Bose 700 Bluetooth Headphones

Question 1. β€˜Prisoner 46664β€˜, often used as a reverential title for Nelson Mandela, comes from the number assigned to him at which prison?

Answer 1 is – Robben Island

Question 2. The number β€˜0’ does NOT have an equivalent in Roman numerals.

Answer 2 is – TRUE

Question 3. In 2019, Jayshree Vyas became the first independent woman director appointed by which stock exchange?

Answer 3 is – Bombay Stock Exchange

Question 4. What is the capital of Norway?

Answer 4 is – Oslo

Question 5. What phrase coined by Desmond Tutu did Nelson Mandela use to describe South Africa?

Answer 5 is – Rainbow Nation

Amazon Bose 700 Headphones Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 3rd July 2020 | Win Bose 700 Bluetooth Headphones

Question 1. Which famous cricketer, born on July 8, led India to two consecutive Champions Trophy/ ICC Knockout finals?

Answer 1 is – Sourav Ganguly

Question 2. Which Chicago-based brand has announced its entry into the Indian market with an extensive range of car care products?

Answer 2 is – Turtle Wax

Question 3. β€˜Assessment Of Climate Change Over The Indian Regionβ€˜, is a national report prepared under the aegis of which Ministry?

Answer 3 is – Ministry of Earth Sciences

Question 4. What is the nickname given to the fossil found in 2011 from Antarctica, considered to be the largest soft-shell egg ever discovered?

Answer 4 is – The Thing

Question 5. The Baghjan oil field, which has recently been in the news for a fire, and has been asked to close down production, is in which state?

Answer 5 is – Assam

Amazon Bose 700 Headphones Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Today Answers

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 9th June 2020 | Win Bose Soundsports Headphones

Question 1. Which country did India recently help build a military war game center named β€˜INDIA’?

Answer 1 is – Uganda

Question 2. Which critically endangered animal was recently sighted in the Hoggar Mountains of Algeria?

Answer 2 is – Saharan cheetah

Question 3. Music composer brothers Sajid- Wajid had made their Bollywood debut with which Salman Khan film?

Answer 3 is – Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya

Question 4. In June 1999, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won their first ever Grand Slam. Which tournament was their first Grand Slam win?

Answer 4 is – French Open

Question 5. Gamers from which country have won the the inaugural virtual UEFA eEURO 2020?

Answer 5 is – Italy

Bose Headphone Quiz Answers

Amazon Sony 1000XM3 Headphones Quiz Answers | 9th May 2020

Q1. β€˜The Butterfly Nebula’, β€˜Pillars of creation’, ’Jupiter’s Aurora’ are some of the pictures taken by which iconic 30 year old object?

Answer is – Hubble Telescope

Q2. Who received the National Film Award for Best Child Artist for the 1970 film β€˜Mera Naam Joker’?

Answer is – Rishi Kapoor

Q3. Which organisation has developed a ventilator called VITAL for COVID-19 patients?

Answer is – NASA

Q4. Who had captained the Indian football team to victory in the 1962 Asian Games?

Answer is – Chuni Goswami

Q5. Which company is currently testing SpaceShipTwo – their reusable commercial spacecraft designed to carry eight people into space safely?

Answer is – Virgin Galactic