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Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 23rd June 2020 | WinΒ Alexa Eco Show

Question 1. β€˜The Golden Gateβ€˜, β€˜An Equal Music’ are books by which famous author born on June 20?

Answer 1 is – Vikram Seth

Question 2. Hyundai Nexo SUV is the Presidential state car used by the President of which country?

Answer 2 is – South Korea

Question 3. Which businessman born on June 15th, owns 38% of the world’s largest steel producer company and 20% of Queens Park Rangers F.C?

Answer 3 is – Lakshmi Mlttal

Question 4. Ferdia Shaw has played the role of which 12 year old genius in a movie released online on June 12th, 2020?

Answer 4 is – Artemis Fowl

Question 5. Which of these days observed on 12th June was launched by the International Labour Organization in 2002?

Answer 5 is – World Day Against Child Labour

Amazon Alexa Eco Show Quiz – Answer & win Alexa Eco Show


Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 2nd June 2020 | Win Amazon Alexa Eco Show

Question 1. The movie Ghoomketu released on an OTT platform very recently, stars which of these directors in an important role?

Answer 1 is – Anurag Kashyap

Question 2. Telia Rumal, that recently got a GI tag, is from which Indian state?

Answer 2 is – Telangana

Question 3. The Indian roller (A bird) is also known in India by a name which is associated with Lord Shiva. What name?

Answer 3 is – Neelkanth

Question 4. In abbreviations such as ASLV, PSLV, GSLV, what do the letters β€˜LV’ stand for?

Answer 4 is – Launch Vehicle

Question 5. In 1988, the WHO passed a resolution announcing the observance of a day on May 31st every year, denouncing the usage of what?

Answer 5 is – Tobacco

Amazon Alexa Eco Show Quiz – Answer & win Alexa Eco Show

Amazon Quiz Contest All Answers Today 17th May 2020

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Question: 1

What is the name of India’s massive repatriation operation to bring back stranded Indians from different parts of the world?

Answer:-Vande Bharat

Question: 2

CSIR’s new paper-based test strip for COVID-19 is named after which fictional detective?


Question: 3

Arribada is a unique nesting phenomenon associated with which animal?

Answer:- Turtle

Question: 4

Which person born in May, became the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize?

Answer:-Rabindranath Tagore

Question: 5

Recently which of these birds were sighted in Navi Mumbai in large numbers?


Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 10th May 2020 | Win Samsung Galaxy M20

Amazon Quiz 24th February Answers - Win Free Samsung Galaxy M20

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Q1. Which of these is a series of annual prizes awarded by Columbia University for journalism, letters, drama and music?

Answer is – Pulitzer

Q2. The saffron cultivated in which of these regions has recently received the GI (Geographical Indication) tag?

Answer is – Kashmir

Q3. Since 2016, the UN celebrates April 26 as the International _________ Disaster Remembrance Day. Fill in the blank.

Answer is – Chernobyl

Q4. Paatal Lok is an upcoming Amazon Prime series. It is made under whose production house?

Answer is – Anushka Sharma

Q5. Which renowned writer born on 7th May famously renounced his knighthood after the Jalianwala Bagh massacre?

Answer is – Rabindranath Tagore