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Amazon Quiz Today Answers

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 1st June 2020 | Win Rs 5000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Victoria Falls, which was recently reopened for public visits, is situated in which of these countries?

Answer 1 is – Zambia

Question 2. Which famous Bollywood actor has recently been appointed the brand ambassador of the National Anti- Doping Agency (NADA) ?

Answer 2 is – Suniel Shetty

Question 3. Which country became the 1st nation in Europe to declare an official end to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer 3 is – Slovenia

Question 4. The 1985 shoes of which legendary sportsperson recently sold at a Sotheby auction for $560000?

Answer 4 is – Mlchael Jordan

Question 5. A T20l series between India and which country held in the early part of 2020, featured two matches that went into the Super Over?

Answer 5 is – New Zealand

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Question 1: Which Indian state is the first to run inter-state electric bus services?

Answer 1 is – Maharashtra

Question 2: Which country recently launched The Space Domain Mission Unit to monitor and counter threats against their satellites?

Answer 2 is – Japan

Question 3: Neeraj Kabi, recently in focus due to his performance in Paatal Lok, earned critical acclaim for his role in which of these movies?

Answer 3 is – Ship of Traseus

Question 4: Which of these famous hockey players scored 5 goals in India’s final victory in the 1952 Olympics against Netherlands?

Answer 4 is – Balbir Singh Sr.

Question 5: The current UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres hails from which country?

Answer 5 is – Portugal

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Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 28th May 2020 | Win ₹50000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Which Indian has recently been elected the Chairman of the WHO Executive Board?

Answer 1 – Harsh Vardhan

Question 2. Which of these is an Amazon Prime series about a ‘virtual afterlife‘ starring Robbie Amell in the lead role?

Answer 2 – Upload

Question 3. Maharana Pratap Singh I, whose birth anniversary was celebrated in May, was the 13th king of which kingdom?

Answer 3 – Mewar

Question 4. Which of these platforms added a new feature titled ‘bedtime reminder’ to help its users reduce screen time?

Answer 4 – YouTube

Question 5. Carmen Reinhart has been appointed as the new VP and Chief Economist of which international organisation?

Answer 5 – World Bank

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 27th May 2020 | Win LG W30 Pro

Question 1. Fenway Sports Group owns which football club that is currently top of the table in its domestic league?

Answer 1 – Liverpool

Question 2. Who among these has been posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2020?

Answer 2 – Arun Jaitley

Question 3. Who has forayed into the Electric Vehicle market with their new offering iQube Electric?

Answer 3 – TVS Motor

Question 4. Which famous character actor is playing the role of Indian team manager PR Man Singh in the movie 83?

Answer 4 – Pankaj Tripathi

Question 5. Bal Shakti Puraskar is annual award presented by the Indian President to whom?

Answer 5 – Children

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Q1. Nitish Bharadwaj who played Krishna in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, also plays the title role in which of these mythological series?

Answer is – Vishnu Puran

Q2. Which famous poet known for poems such as ‘Bidrohi’ and his work in the publication ‘Dhumketu’ was born on 24th May in Churulia, Asansol?

Answer is – Kazi Nazrul Islam

Q3. General Atlantic, Vista Equity Partners, Silver Lake, Facebook – they are all recent investors in which Indian company?

Answer is – Reliance Jio

Q4. Bheeshm International is a production house started by which famous television and film personality?

Answer is – Mukesh Khanna

Q5. Sebastian Vettel will be leaving which historic F1 team at the end of this year’s delayed F1 season?

Answer is – Ferrari

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Q1. The Blue Umbrella‘, ‘The Angry River‘ and ‘A Flight of Pigeons‘ are books written by which author born on 19th May?

Answer is – Ruskin Bond

Q2. This app introduced by Google, crossed 50 million downloads in May 2020 and has a tab focused presentation mode. Which app is it?

Answer is – Meet

Q3. Ambikapur, Rajkot, Surat, Mysore, Indore and Navi Mumbai were the only cities to receive which of these statuses from the government?

Answer is – Five star garbage free cities

Q4. Since March 27, at 8 PM every day the Eiffel Tower sparkles for an extra 10 minutes, displaying what message?

Answer is – Merci (Thank you)

Q5. National Anti-Terrorism Day in India is observed on the death anniversary of which famous Indian?

Answer is – Rajiv Gandhi

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 23rd May 2020 | Win Fossil Explorist Watch

Amazon Fossil Explorist Smartwatch Quiz

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Q1. May 12 is celebrated as International Nurses Day to commemorate the anniversary of whose birth?

Ans- Florence Nightingale

Q2. Sanya Malhotra is playing which famous Indian’s daughter in an upcoming Anu Menon movie starring Vidya Balan?

Ans- Shakuntala Devi

Q3. The K League recently restarted with Jeonbuk Motors hosting Suwon Bluewings. K League is the national football league of which country?

Ans- South Korea

Q4. Recently discovered HR 6819 is the closest-known of what celestial phenomenon/object to Earth?

Ans- Black Hole

Q5. Which country recently became the 30th country to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?

Ans- North Macedonia

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Q1. Israel has recently named a street in Tel Aviv after which Indian as a tribute on his 159th birthday?
Ans- Rabindranath Tagore

Q2. DRUVS is a contactless ultraviolet sanitization cabinet developed by which organisation?

Q3. Deepa Malik, the Indian para- athlete who announced her retirement recently, used to represent India in which of these events?
Ans- Shot Put and Javelin

Q4. Avianca, the world’s second- oldest airline, is based in which country?
Ans- Colombia

Q5. Who plays the role of policeman Hathiram Chaudhary in the Amazon Prime series ‘Paatal Lok’?
Ans- Jaldeep Ahlawat

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 20th May 2020 | Win Mi A3

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Q1. Leo Carter became the 4th in T20 cricket and 7th overall to achieve what feat? (Hint : Yuvraj achieved this in 2007)
Ans- Hit 6 Slxes In an over

Q2. David Stern was a former Commissioner of which famous Sports league? (Hint : Players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan played in this league)
Ans- NBA

Q3. Which of these popular animated series is set in the fictional town of Springfield?
Ans- Simpsons

Q4. Utkalika is the state emporium of which Indian state?
Ans- Odisha

Q5. Vayu, Hikka, Kyarr, Maha, and Pavan – what are these that heavily affected India’s west coast in 2019?
Ans- Cyclones

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 18th May 2020 | Win ₹50000 Pay Balance

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Q1. Which famous theater personality is known for plays such as ’Odakulu Bimba’, ‘Taledanda’ and ‘The Dreams of Tipu Sultan‘?
Ans- Glrlsh Kamad

Q2. In a recent interview with Pommie Mbangwa, AB De Villiers compared Virat Kohli and Steve Smith to which two greats from another sport?
Ans- Federer and Nadal

Q3. Which of these famous actors featured with Irrfan Khan in the acclaimed movie ‘The Lunchbox‘?
Ans- Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Q4. On May ‘I8 a day is observed to thank everyone involved in trying to find a vaccine to which virus?
Ans- HIV

Q5. What is the name of a WWE Pay per view event that was recorded at the WWE Global Headquarters and broadcast on May 10?
Ans- Money in the Bank

Answer Of All Current

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Q1. Chithirai Festival, which was streamed online for the first time, is an annual celebration that takes place in which Indian city?
Ans- Madurai

Q2. Which country is set to launch the remote sensing satellite Artika-M to monitor Arctic climate and environment?
Ans- Russia

Q3. Who is the only cricketer to have scored 50 or more One Day International centuries?
Ans- No one has scored 5O hundreds

Q4. Which star features in the upcoming game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’?
Ans- Keanu Reeves

Q5. What is the name of the Government of India portal where you can get fast track exemptions on drone authorization?
Ans- Garud

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Q1. In the television Sitcom Friends, Ursula was a twin sister of which character?
Ans- Phoebe

Q2. During the lock-down, which celebrated author is reading a series of short stories on AIR titled ‘Bonding Over the Radio‘ ?
Ans- Ruskin Bond

Q3. What is the name of the multimedia guide on COVID-19 launched by the Union Health Minister?
Ans- COVID Katha

Q4. Blue, yellow, black, green and red – these colours appear on the logo of which of the following?
Ans- Olymplc Games

Q5. Which three nations will co-host the men’s 2026 FIFA World Cup?
Ans- USA, Canada, Mexico

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 13th May 2020 | Win Nokia 7.2 smartphone

Amazon Nokia 7.2 Quiz Answers

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Q1. Which mountain peak, 3rd highest in the world, is reported to be visible these days from Siliguri in West Bengal?
Answer is – Kanchenjunga

Q2. To raise money for COVID-19 relief, which former cricketer is auctioning his bat used during the highest successful run chase in an ODI?
Answer is – Herschelle Gibbs

Q3. What is the name of Elon Musk’s newborn son?
Answer is – X/EA-12

Q4. Chakhao, which recently got its GI tag, is a type of aromatic black rice grown in which Indian state?
Answer is – Manipur

Q5. Which country recently launched its first military satellite called Noor 1?
Answer is – Iran

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 11th May 2020 | Win ₹50000 Pay Balance

Amazon Quiz Answers - Today's Answer Of Amazon Pay Balance Quiz

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Q1. Which of these companies has recently announced that they would start making hand and surface sanitizers under the Viroprotek brand?
Ans- Asian Paints

Q2. The San Francisco Conference, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary, is considered as the birthplace of which organisation?
Ans- United Nations

Q3. India lost its top rank in ICC Test team rankings to which nation on May 1, 2020?
Ans- Australia

Q4. Advait Chandan is directing a Hindi movie starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor based on which famous Tom Hanks film?
Ans- Forrest Gump

Q5. Which of these rulers born on 9th May participated in the famous Battle of Haldighati?
Ans- Maharana Pratap

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Q1. Which of the following movies starring Irrfan Khan won the Oscar for Best Picture?

Answer is – Slumdog Millionaire

Q2. The largest car making manufacturing plant in the world recently resumed operations in Wolfsburg, Germany. Which company operates it?

Answer is – Volkswagen

Q3. On 1st May 2020, which country reached the top of the ICC T20I rankings for the first time since the rankings were introduced?

Answer is – Australia

Q4. Which of these critically endangered animals was recently spotted at Kolkata ghats after almost 30 years?

Answer is – Gangetic Dolphin

Q5. How do we better know the viral meme where a group of Ghanian pallbearers can be seen dancing to the tune of Astronomia?

Answer is – Coffin dance

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Q1. According to Forbes, what is the claim to fame of a certain eight-year-old boy named Ryan Kaji?

ans- Highest paid Youtuber

Q2. Mount Paektu is a sacred mountain in which country?

ans- North Korea

Q3. Which company recently provided 60 custom-built bike ambulances for COVID-19 patients in India?

ans- Hero Motocorp

Q4. Tianwen-1, meaning heavenly questions, is the first Mars exploration mission of which country?

ans- china

Q5. Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who recently passed away, was the longest-serving ruler of which country?


Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 30th April 2020 | Win Rs 10000 Pay Balance


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Q1- Which of these is a real time statistics website owned and operated by Dadax, which has come to prominence during the COVID-‘I 9 outbreak?

Ans – Worldometer

Q2- ‘Innovate for a Green Future‘ is the 2020 slogan for which day that is to be observed on April 26th?

Ans – World Intellectual Property Day

Q3- Every bowler wants to see the bails/stumps flying through the air after the ball has been delivered. What happens when the ball hits the stump directly from the bowler?

Ans – Bowled

Q4- In which country would you find Uluru or Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation surrounded by springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient paintings?

Ans – Australia

Q5- Which of these personalities were an Indian diplomat and the first female president of the United Nations general assembly?

Ans – Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 28th April 2020 | Win Canon M200 Mirrorless camera

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Q1. For a song, along with band BTS, which singer holds the Guinness Record for the most-viewed YouTube video in a 24 hour period?

Answer is – Halsey

Q2. In the Amazon Prime series, Panchayat who plays the role of the official Pradhan of the village, Phulera?

Answer is – Neena Gupta

Q3. ‘Houston, We’ve Had a Problem’ – is a phase associated with which NASA mission that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary?

Answer is – Apollo 13

Q4. The Ministry of Tourism in India has launched a new webinar series called _______?

Answer is – Dekho Apna Desh

Q5. Which country is scheduled to host the 2020 edition of the Asian Boxing Championships?

Answer is –India

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Q1. Which tech giant recently launched ‘TalkBack’ – a braille keyboard for their visually challenged users?

Answer is – Google

Q2. In the upcoming movie ‘Thalaivi’, Prakash Raj is playing the role of which political rival of the lead character?

Answer is – M. Karunanidhi

Q3. Survey of India has developed which e-platform to collect Geo-tagged information related to COVID-19?

Answer is – Sahyog

Q4. Recently the Indian Tri-color was projected by Switzerland onto which mountain to send a message of hope?

Answer is – Matterhorn

Q5. In April 2020, who was named the Wisden Leading Cricketer of the Year for 2019?

Answer is – Ben Stokes

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 23rd April 2020 | Win ₹20000 Pay Balance


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Question 1- International Day of Human Space Flight is celebrated on April 12 to commemorate the first flight of which astronaut?

Answer is – Yuri Gagarin

Question 2- Dil Bechara is an upcoming movie, based on which book that was adapted for a Hollywood movie?

Answer is – The Fault In Our Stars

Question 3- What type of animal is a waterbuck?

Answer is – Antelope

Question 4- The Jallianwala Bagh garden is located in which Indian city?

Answer is – Amritsar

Question 5- Which iconic ship went down in April 1912?

Answer is – RMS Titanic

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 22nd April 2020 | Win Samsung Galaxy M20

Amazon Quiz 24th February Answers - Win Free Samsung Galaxy M20

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Question 1. Which of these is a high-speed satellite internet product development project from Amazon?

Answer is – Project Kuiper

Question 2. Phobophobia is the fear of what?

Answer is – Phobias

Question 3. How do we better know singer Park Jae-sang born on 31st December, who became a worldwide phenomenon in 2012? (Hint : Gangnam style!!)

Answer is – Psy

Question 4. Utkalika is the state emporium of which Indian state?

Answer is – Odisha

Question 5. GS Lakshmi is the first woman to do what in the world of cricket?

Answer is – Match referee for a men’s ODI

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Question 1. ‘Finding the gaps’ is a part memoir, part self help book written by which personality known for his accurate decision making?

Answer is – Simon Taufel

Question 2. Whose book ‘The Anarchy’ recounts the remarkable history of the East India Company from its founding in 1599 to 1803?

Answer is – William Dalrymple

Question 3. More than 70% of this country lies in Asia. Most of its population, its capital, and its largest city are in Europe. Which country is this?

Answer is – Russia

Question 4. RussiaFamous for another role, which leader born on 3rd December was India’s Minister for Food & Agriculture from August 1947- April 1952?

Answer is – Rajendra Prasad

Question 5. Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life’ is a book by which famous Indian?

Answer is – Viswanathan Anand

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Amazon GoPro Hero8 Quiz - Answer and win GoPro Hero8

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Q1- The Painter Prince is a book based on which famous painter born in the month of April, 1848?
Ans – Raja Ravi Varma

Q2- How do we better know the ruler Maharana Sangram Singh Sisodia born on 12th April, 1482 who fought against the Lodhi dynasty?
Ans – 1916

Q3- How do we better know the ruler Maharana Sangram Singh Sisodia born on 12th April, 1482 who fought against the Lodhi dynasty?
Ans – Rana Sanga

Q4- Which of these drugs currently in the news is also sold under the brand name Plaquenil and is used for treatment of malaria?
Ans – Hydroxychloroquine

Q5- ‘The Unsung Warrior‘ is the tagline of which Bollywood movie released in January 2020?
Ans – Tanhaji

Amazon Sony 1000XM3 Headphones Quiz Answers | 17th April 2020

1) Which was the first side to beat India in the current edition of the World Test Championship?

Ans – New Zealand

2) ‘Unlimited food for education’ is the tagline of which NGO which has distributed more than 5000 grocery kits during the COVID- 19 crisis?

Ans – Akshaya Patra

3) Maidan is an upcoming biopic based on the life of which famous football coach?

Ans – Syed Abdul Rahim

4) April 10th, observed as World Homeopathy Day is the birthday of which famous German physician?

Ans – Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

5) The logo of which of these apps on the Google Play Store features a heart along with a tick symbol?

Ans – Aarogya Setu

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 16th April 2020 | Win ₹20000 Pay Balance

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Q1- Brendan Cowell is the narrator of a recent Amazon Prime series based on which cricket team?

Ans – Australia

Q2- Toofan is an upcoming movie based on professional boxing. Which actor is playing the lead role?

Ans – Farhan Akhtar

Q3- Celebrated worldwide on April 22, is focused on the environment and was originally conceptualized by Gaylord Nelson of the US. (Fill in the blanks)

Ans – Earth Day

Q4- National Civil Service Day is observed on the day when addressed the probationer Administrative Services Officers in 1947. (Fill in the blank)

Ans – Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Q5- Students from which Indian institution recently won a COVID- 19 hackathon challenge organised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Ans – Manipal Institute of Technology

Amazon Galaxy Note 10 Quiz Answers – 15th April 2020

1) ‘Shared Cultures, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility’ is the 2020 theme for which day started by UNESCO and observed on April 18?

Ans – International Day for Monuments and Sites

2) Which of these actors who acted as a rapper in his debut movie, would star in a spiritual sequel to the 2005 hit Bunty aur Babli?

Ans – Siddhant Chaturvedi

3) Which Indian scientist born on April 14th, was the recipient of the prestigious Dr APJ Abdul Kalam award in 2019?

Ans – K Sivan

4) On 13th April, India pays homage to the victims of which infamous massacre in 1919?

Ans – Jalianwalabagh Massacre

5) The non profit body AIF has launched an initiative to protect the underprivileged communities against the COVID- 19 crisis. Expand AIF.

Ans – American India Foundation

Amazon Alexa Eco Show Quiz Answers | 14th April 2020

Question 1. Operation Namaste’ is the initiative of which Indian armed force to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country?

Answer is – Indian Army

Question 2. Vidya Balan is playing the title role in an upcoming biopic based on which mathematician?

Answer is – Shakuntala Devi

Question 3. Who among the following has developed a low-cost portable ventilator called ‘Prana-Vayu’?

Answer is – IIT Roorkee

Question 4. Tony Lewis, who recently passed away, was the co-inventor of what used for settling weather-affected cricket matches?

Answer is – Duckworth-Lewis method

Question 5. Which of these tennis tournaments has been cancelled for the first time since World War II?

Answer is -Wimbledon

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 13th April 2020 | Win ₹15000 Pay Balance

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Question 1. Which international multi-sport event is meant for sports or disciplines, that are not contested in the Olympic Games?

Answer is – World Games

Question 2. Kamarajar Port is situated on which coast of India?

Answer is – Coromandel Coast

Question 3. The Gateway is a proposed NASA space station in orbit around which space object?

Answer is – Moon

Question 4. Which global institution releases the The Global Economic Prospects – a publication on the state of the world economy?

Answer is – World Bank

Question 5. Which recently launched web series is set in the remote village of Phulera in Uttar Pradesh?

Answer is -Panchayat

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 12th April 2020 | Win OnePlus 7T Pro

Amazon OnePlus Quiz - Answer & Win OnePlus 7T Pro

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Q1. Dubai has recently opened the world’s first hospital for which of the following?

ans- Camels

Q2. What is the name of the first indigenous testing kit for COVID-19 in India, made by Pune based Mylab?-19 in India, made by Pune based Mylab?

ans- PathoDetect

Q3. The Singer Laren museum in Amsterdam recently announced the theft of the 1884 painting ‘Spring Garden’ by which famous artist?

ans- Van Gogh

Q4. Viewpoint is a new market research app launched by which global tech giant?

ans- Facebook

Q5. Which Indian state celebrates ‘Utkal Divas’ – the state’s foundation day on April 1?


Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 11th April 2020 | Win Xbox One S Gaming Console

Xbox One S Console

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Q1. The daughter of Gokuladas and Vrajkunwerba Kapadia born on this date (11 April) in 1869 was the mother to Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas. Who was she?

Ans – Kasturba Gandhi

Q2. Dr. Balram Bhargava is the current Director-General of which Government of India institution?

Ans – ICMR

Q3. Which group video chatting app, which has recently had a sudden burst of popularity was launched by Life on Air, Inc. in 2016?

Ans – Houseparty

Q4. Dzongkha is the national and official language of which neighbouring country of India?

Ans – Bhutan

Q5. Which global institution recently issued ‘Pandemic Bonds’ for the first time to raise money for the COVID-19 crisis?

Ans -World Bank

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 10th April 2020 | Win Bose 700 Bluetooth Headphones

Amazon Bose 700 Headphones Quiz Answers

Question 1 – Which activist referred to as Mahatma born on 11th April, formed the Satyashodhak Samaj to attain equal rights for the unprivileged?

Answer is – Jyotirao Phule

Question 2 – The Dumurjala stadium was recently converted into a 150 bed quarantine facility. In which state is it located?

Answer is – West Bengal

Question 3 – Which of these is one of the stages in the Men’s 2020 ICC T20 World Cup, as per the initial tournament schedule?

Answer is – Super 12s

Question 4 – Which of these is the theme for World Health Day 2020 observed on April 7?

Answer is – support nurses and midwives

Question 5 – Which of these social reformers born on 14th April was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna in the same year as Nelson Mandela?

Answer is – BR Ambedkar

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1) Which famous musician born on April 7th at Varanasi created music for Satyajit Ray’s famous Apu trilogy?

Ans – Ravi Shankar

2) Recently demised Air Vice Marshall (Retd) Chandan Singh Rathore- a 1971 war hero is a recipient of which of these awards?

Ans – Maha Vir Chakra

3) WWE’s flagship event, Wrestlemania was held under closed doors without an audience in 2020, where was it scheduled originally?

Ans – Ray Jay, Tampa Bay

4) ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ is the tagline of the upcoming 3rd edition of which movie series?

Ans – Conjuring

5) National Maritime Day is celebrated on April 5th, on the occasion of a ship owned by which company sailing from Mumbai to the UK?

Ans – Scindia Steam Navigation

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 6th April 2020 | Win ₹15000 Pay Balance

Amazon ₹15000 Pay Balance Quiz

1) The recently opened Singshore suspension bridge is the highest bridge of which Indian state?

Ans – Sikkim

2) Which Indian state commemorated Shaheed Diwas on March 23 as Youth Empowerment Day?

Ans – Punjab

3) Which ‘royal’ is set to be the narrator of a new Disney film about a family of elephants and their journey across Africa?

Ans – Meghan Markle

4) Mayiladuthurai recently became the 38th district of which Indian state?

Ans – Tamil Nadu

5) ‘Mourning en masse’, ‘Days of glory’, ‘Raising of Lazarus’ are famous artworks by which famous Indian artist?

Ans – Satish Gujral

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 5th April 2020 | Win Samsung Galaxy S20+

Amazon Samsung Galaxy S20+ Quiz

Q1. According to the recently published World Happiness Report, which city is ranked the world’s happiest city?

ans- Helsinki

Q2. Who among these famous personalities, is the longest serving heir apparent to the British throne in history?

ans- Prince Charles

Q3. ‘Apropos of Nothing’ is a 2020 memoir by which American filmmaker and humourist?

ans- Woody Allen

Q4. What is the name of India’s first indigenously-developed Light Combat Aircraft?

ans- Tejas

Q5. The Government of India recently launched a chat-bot named ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’ on wich social media platform?


Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 4th April 2020 | Win Dell Inspiron 5593 Laptop

1) On April 1st 2019, the Netherlands wing of which company announced that it had developed a product that allows a user to ’talk to a Tulip?

Ans – Google

2) Which former Vice President, born on April 1st, was the Permanent Representative of India to the UN from January 1993- January 1995?

Ans – Mohammad Hamid Ansari

3) Which former India international was the head coach of the Bengal team that made it to the final of the 2020 Ranji trophy?

Ans – Arun Lal

4) Which famous comedian born on April 2nd, first came to prominence after winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2007?

Ans – Kapil Sharma

5) On 24th March, Google launched a doodle celebrating Banh Mi, a street food sandwich originating in which country?

Ans – Vietnam


Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 3rd April 2020 | Win Firefox Mountain Cycle

Amazon Firefox Mountain Cycle Quiz

Question 1. Using the new ‘Crew Dragon’ spacecraft which organisation announced plans to send 3 tourists to the International Space Station in 2021?

Answer is – SpaceX

Question 2. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh recently released a book titled ‘Invincible’ on which former Indian minister?

Answer is – Manohar Parrikar

Question 3. Ignaz Semmelweis, a 19th century obstetrician, is now widely credited with discovering the medical importance of which of the following?

Answer is – Hand Washing

Question 4. Shaheed Diwas is observed on March 23rd to honour the day when Rajguru, Sukhdev Thapar and ________ attained martyrdom? (Fill in the blank)

Answer is – Bhagat Singh

Question 5. Which of these upcoming movies starring Akshay Kumar, is a remake of the famous Tamil horror movie Kanchana?

Answer is – Laxmmi Bomb

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 2nd April 2020 | Win ₹20000 Pay Balance

Question 1) What does CET, the new exam for various government jobs proposed by the Indian government, stand for?

Answer Is – Common Eligibility Test

Question 2) Which of these days is observed on 27th March by ITI- a world organization for the performing arts?

Answer Is – World theatre Day

Question 3) Swavalamban Express is a special train journey launched by SIDBI for which group of people?

Answer Is – Entrepreneurs

Question 4) Daniel, an 18 year old who made his debut for AC Milan on 2nd February, 2020 is the son of which AC Milan legend?

Answer Is – Paolo Maldini

Question 5) Who among these stepped down from the board of Microsoft in the 2nd week of March, 2020?

Answer Is – Bill Gates

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 1st April 2020 | Win Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Question 1. Which famous actress born on March 24th, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the movie Zero Dark Thirty?

Answer is – Jessica Chastain

Question 2. Whose North London home was bought by the Maharashtra government and refurbished to transform into a memorial-cum-museum?

Answer is – BR Ambedkar

Question 3. The website for ________ observed on March 22nd, has sections namely- Learn, Share, Be Safe. (Fill in the blank)

Answer is – World Water Day

Question 4. Jaydev Unadkat is the captain of which regional cricket team in the Ranji Trophy?

Answer is – Saurashtra

Question 5. Which nation will chair the first virtual summit of G20 nations?

Answer is – Saudi Arabia

Amazon Quiz Today- 31-3-2020 Answers Of Canon 1500D DSLR Quiz

1) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose birth centenary was celebrated in March 2020, was the founder President of which country?

Ans – Bangladesh

2) Which Indian badminton player recently won the BBC India ‘Sports Woman of the Year’ Award?

Ans – PV Sindhu

3) Which of these Bollywood actors is playing the lead role in the remake of the Govinda hit Coolie No. 1?

Ans – Varun Dhawan

4) On 23rd March, the WMO came into force, and a day is thus celebrated to draw attention towards weather and climate. Expand WMO.

Ans – World Meteorological Organization

5) Which city had to withdraw from hosting the Olympics in 1908, after a nearby volcano eruption?

Ans – Rome

Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 30th March 2020 | Win ₹50000 Pay Balance

Question 1. Born in Karnal on 17th March which lady was part of the crew of ‘Columbia’ as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator?

Answer is – Kalpana Chawla

Question 2. The upcoming movie Shershaah starring Siddharth Malhotra is based on the life of which military hero?

Answer is – Vikram Batra

Question 3. Who is the first Indian cricketer to play in 150 Ranji Trophy matches?

Answer is – Wasim Jaffer

Question 4. As per the 2020 World Happiness Report, which was named the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row?

Answer is – Finland

Question 5. The month of March is named after the Roman god of _____? (Fill in the blank)

Answer is -War

Amazon Quiz 29 March 2020 – Win Samsung S20

Q1: The Rajya Sabha Passed ‘The Mineral Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020’, Which Proposes To Commercialise The Mining Of Which Mineral?
Ans: Coal

Q2: The Indian Navy Recently Supplied Essential Food And Relief Materials To Which Flood-Hit Country?

Ans: Madagascar

Q3: Who Recently Broke A 21-Year-Old Record For The Most Wickets By A Fast Bowler In A Single Ranji Trophy Season?

Ans: Jaydev Unadkat

Q4: Who Is The Only Indian Player To Feature In The Official 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Team Of The Tournament?

Ans: Poonam Yadav

Q5: National Vaccination Day Is Observed On March 16th. This Day, First Oral Vaccine For Which Disease Was Given In India?

Ans: Polio

Questions / Answers Amazon Quiz Today 28/3/2020

1) Which car manufacturer makes the Electric Vehicle known as Leaf?
Ans – Nissan

2) Which player scored 2 goals for Atletico de kolkata in the final on Saturday to claim an unprecedented third Indian Super League title?
Ans – Javier Hernandez

3) The Adventures of a Daredevil Democrat’ chronicles the story of which former Indian Chief Minister?
Ans – Biju Patnaik

4) In which city are the recently restored tombs of Taramati and Premamati located?
Ans – Hyderabad

5) What kind of device is SuCheck, developed with assistance from the Indian Council of Medical Research?
Ans – Glucometer

Amazon Quiz Timing 8 AM to 12 PM

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  • Quiz Date – 3rd December 2018

All Answers are as follows:

  1. Which is the largest subspecies of the Tiger?

Answer- The Siberian Tiger

2. Which female character from Greek mythology brought evil the world when her curiosity compelled to open a magical box?

Answer- Pandora

3. Which of these crawly creature is said to have the highest number of legs which can go up to 200 pairs?

Answer- Millipede

4. In physics, what is the term for a nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei?

Answer- Fusion

5. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue.

Answer- True

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