Daily Amazon Quiz Answer 13th May 2021 – Win OnePlus TV

Daily Amazon Quiz Answer 13th May 2021(8am-12pm) –Win OnePlus TV

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Amazon Quiz Timing And Prize Details :-

1.Amazon quiz Today’s Prize –Win OnePlus TV

2.Daily Timing – 8AM To 11:59PM
3.Quiz Date – 13th May 2021
4.Winner Announcement – 13th May ,11:59PM
5.Number Of Winner – 1

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Amazon Quiz 12th May 2021 Answers-Win OnePlus TV

1: Which state recently declared Amboli region in Western Ghats as a ‘Biodiversity Heritage’ site?

Answer 1 – Maharashtra

2: Which country will host the 2022 AFC Women’s Asian Cup?

Answer 2 – India

3: What is Ever Given owned by Shoei Kisen Kaisha?

Answer 3 – Container Ship

4: Name the popular chocolate spread that is created with these nuts by Ferrero.

Answer 4 – Nutella

5: Which ancient civilization worshipped this animal and depicted their Gods with them too?

Answer 5 – Egypt

Amazon Quiz 12th May 2021 Answers-Win ₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1
DIKSHA is a web portal from the Indian government for which of the following sectors?

The answer is- School education

Question 2 :

Tigray crisis is a civil unrest situation happening in which country?

The answer is- Ethiopia

Question 3

Which global organisation has been annually releasing World Development Report since 1978?

The answer is- World Bank

Question 4 :

Name the candy that this American president loved so much, a holder was designed for a jar of them so they wouldn’t fall in air turbulence.

The answer is- Jelly beans

Question 5 :

Which of these famous players has won 3 consecutive silver medals at the Olympics in this sport?

The answer is- Lee Chong Wei

Amazon Quiz 11th May 2021 Answers Win Amazing Huami Smart Watch

Q1: Vinod Kapri’s Compelling Book ‘1232 Km: The Long Journey Home’ Tells The Story Of Which Of The Following Group Of People?
Answer 1: Migrant Labourers

Q2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announced Swarna Jayanti Scholarship For The Youths Of Which Neighbouring Nation?
Answer 2: Bangladesh

Q3: Which Of These Festivals Involve Shifting Idols From Odisha To Polluru Village In Andhra Pradesh?
Answer 3: Manyamkonda Yatra

Q4: Name The American Company That This One Partnered Up With In 2019 To Make Candy Flavored Coffee.
Answer 4: Dunkin

Q5: What Kind Of Instrument Is This?
Answer 5: String

Amazon Quiz 10 May 2021 Answers Win Rs.15,000

 1: Which Indian state has released a commemorative postage stamp on 100 years of first visit of Mahatma Gandhi to the state in 1921?

Answer 1 – Odisha

2: Novelist Sharankumar Limbale was awarded which of these prizes in 2021 for his novel ‘Sanatan’?

Answer 2 – Saraswati Samman

3: Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, who received the 2019 Gandhi Peace Prize, was the Sultan of which country?

Answer 3 – Oman

4: This famous bar , belongs to which of these groups?

Answer 4 – Mars

5: What is the name of the Taylor Swift song that has this object in the title?

Answer 5 – Teardrops on my Guitar

Amazon Today 9th May 2021 Quiz Answer – Win Samsung Ear Buds

Question 1 :

Which Indian state, that shares a 510km border with Myanmar and a 318km border with Bangladesh, is currently facing a refugee crisis?

The answer is- Mizoram

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Question 2 :

Which of these celebrities was conferred with the prestigious Maharashtra Bhushan Award in 2021?

The answer is- Asha Bhosle

Question 3 :

Since 2012, 21st March is celebrated as the International Day of what?

The answer is- Forests

Question 4 :

Name the famous character who was this animal, created by writer A. A. Milne

The answer is- Winnie the Pooh

Question 5 :

In the World Cup for this sport, who has scored the maximum number of goals?

The answer is- Miroslav Klose

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 25th December – Win ₹20000

  1. Sons of the Soil’ is a recent Amazon Prime documentary based on a sports team from which city?
    Ans : Jaipur
  2. Virat Kohli recently became the fastest player to reach the 12,000 run mark in ODI, breaking which cricketer’s 17 year record?
    Ans : Sachin Tendulkar
  3. Which business software company is buying business communication platform ‘Slack’ for $27.7 billion?
    Ans : Salesforce
  4. According to this person, he could “move the world” if he had a what and “a fulcrum”?
    Ans : Lever long enough
  5. Name this animal that can only be cuddled by zoo visitors in Australia for 30 minutes day?
    Ans : Koalas

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 18th December – Win ₹20000

  1. Taycan is the first ever all-electric vehicle made by which German automobile manufacturer? Ans : Porsche
  2. The Tamil film ‘Soorarai Pottru’ is partly inspired by events from the life of which aviation pioneer?
    Ans : GR Gopinath
  3. Which Indian business group has changed the name of its Australian operation to ‘Bravus’?
    Ans : Adani
  4. In which city is this famous tennis court located?
    Ans : London
  5. Name this performing art form
    Ans : Theyyam


Quiz Answers Today 14th December – Win ₹15000

  1. The province of Kalimantan is going to be the new capital of which country? – Indonesia
  2. Which most-followed female on Instagram recently released her latest album ‘Positions’? – Ariana Grande
  3. Tarun Gogoi, who recently passed away, served as the Chief Minister of which Indian state from 2001 to 2016? – Assam
  4. Known for its canals, this is the capital city of which country? – Netherlands
  5. Which world champion in this sport, also briefly led the official fantasy football league of the Premier League last year? – Magnus carlsen

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 11th December – Win ₹10000

Answer 1 : Queen’s gambit

Answer 2 : UK

Answer 3 : Burnt sugar

Answer 4 : Thomas cup

Answer 5 : Batman conclusion

Answer 1 : chhath

Answer 2 : Bhutan

Answer 3 : Chicago Bulls

Answer 4 : Star Wars

Answer 5 : Africa

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 7th December – Win ₹15000

1) The movie ‘Ginny weds Sunny’ stars Yami Gautam opposite which actor also known for his performance in Mirzapur Season 1?

Ans : Vikrant Massey

2) Longewala post, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent time with soldiers during Diwali, is in which Indian state?

Ans : Rajasthan

3) Masatoshi Koshiba, who passed away recently, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002 for studies of which ghostly cosmic particles?

Ans : Neutrinos

4) This type of game was originally invented to teach what subject to British children?

Ans : Geography

5) Under what category is this book usually categorised?

Ans : Self Help

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 4th December – Win ₹10000 Amazon Pay

1) Which of there brand has replaced Nike as the Indian Cricket Team’s official apparel sponsor?

Ans : Mobile Premier League

2) 7-year-old Abhijita Gupta has been recognized as the world’s youngest what by the International Book of Records?

Ans : Author

3) Mridula Sinha, who recently passed away, was the first woman Governor of which Indian state?

Ans : Goa

4) Identify the bird.

Ans : Turkey

5) What is the name of the intricate makeup used in this dance form?

Ans : Chutti

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 2nd December – Win ₹25000 Amazon Pay

1) A Promised Land’ is a recent memoir released by which famous personality?

Ans : Barack Obama

2) India’s longest single-lane motorable suspension bridge was recently opened in which state?

Ans : Uttarakhand

3) Tigray Region, which is in the news due to an ongoing armed conflict, is the northernmost region of which African country?

Ans : Ethiopia

4) This is the model of a vehicle that landed where?

Ans : On the Moon

5) Identify the musical instrument from this picture.

Ans : Piano

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