How to Get PUBG Cool Cat Skin For Free In 2020

How to Get PUBG Cool Cat Skin For Free In 2020

How to Get PUBG Cool Cat Skin For Free In 2020 – In this post, I am going to tell about PUBG mobile,

After reading this post you will get below benefits:

Do you want free skin?

Let me tell you to steps to grab free skins.

As you all know PUBG is an online multiplayer game also know as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,

If you have played this game earlier, then you might know that there are different characters in this game.

The first character is the Default character and the other character names are Victor, Sara, and Carlo.

The Cool cat skin which you are getting right now for free can be worn by any of the above-mentioned characters,

But, it will look Amazing on Sara, as she is female.

Moreover, If you have just started playing PUBG mobile, then the Sara character might be locked for you, but you can still grab the free cool cat outfits.

To know about the steps head to the below-given section,

Furthermore, the cool cat skin is available only for 10 days in your PUBG Game and after that, it will automatically get disappear from your inventory.

I hope you know about the Inventory in PUBG mobile, it is the section where you can change your character outfits, guns, helmets and much more.

In a single word, it is your wardrobe.

Nevertheless, Without wasting more time follow the below-given steps.

How to Get PUBG Cool Cat Skin For Free –

1) First of all Goto the Midasbuy website from here and login via Facebook.

2) Or directly click on the Register to Get now option after scrolling down.

3) Then you will land on a Login Page if you have already login on the site then this option will not come.

4) Now click on the Facebook button to login on the Midasbuy website.

5) And then select your birthday or Date of Birth.

6) After selecting the Birthday from the dropdown Calendar, you will be asked to accept the terms of service.

7) Them tick on the two boxes and then click on the ok button.

8) Now a message will appear on your screen that the Cool Cat skin is successfully obtained.

9) Now you have to open the PUBG mobile app on your smartphone.

10) If you are using an emulator, then click on the Gameloop Icon and start the game.

11) Now wait a few seconds and the Game will open in your smartphone.

12) Once you get into the Lobby, click on the message icon on the right side.

13) Now check your inbox, you have received a message in the Chinese language.

14) Click on it and then you will get a picture of Cool cat skin on your screen, and there will be an option to collect the outfits.

15) Now you have to click on the collect button, and then it will be added in your inventory.

16) To use the skin click on the inventory option in the Lobby and then click on the outfits icon.

17) Now click on the new skin and your Cool cat skin will get successfully applied to your character.

18) Now enjoy playing more matches in the game with your all-new skin.

19) The real price of this skin in the PUBG mobile is 200 UC, which costs more than a few bucks.

Final words –

I hope you will love this new skin in your PUBG mobile game. If you like this article, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms.

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