How To Hide Apps On Android Phone

How To Hide Apps On Android Phone: Android phones are become a necessary part of life. We use Android mobiles in our day to day life for many different purposes. We can perform various task according to different occasions. As usually we access internet, share files, play videos and Audio, Messages and access many other internal phone features.

But in some situations we have to share our phone with our friends and relatives. But we also don’t want to share personal information and Apps with them. Sometime children wants to play games on android. As by mistake even they can format data or other details then backups should be necessary also.

How To Hide Apps On Android Phone.

Method 1. Using GO Launcher Ex (For Non Rooted Phone).

Android GO Launcher Ex app

GO launcher Ex is one of the popular Android launcher Application that allow you to hide your Apps and maintain your Privacy. It is available on Google PlayStore for free. It can also lock Apps with Pattern and pin lock. It support 4M apk to increase our phone performance. It is a light weight application with attractive and easy to use interface. It also provide different types of wallpapers to make our screen more attractive. Approximately 1mb install this App.

Steps To Hide Apps In Android Using GO Launcher EX.

Step 1. Open your Playstore Account from your Android Phone and Search GO Launcher.

Step 2. You need to scan for the QR code to install this App.

Download GO Launcher

Step 3. Your Android Phone will Automatically search for GO Launcher App even if you do not have QR code scanner in your phone.

Step 4. Now install the GO launcher App in your phone.

Step 5. After the installation you have to apply GO Launcher to your Android device.

Step 6. Click and launch the App and by opening the main menu you can see different installed App in your App.

Android GO Launcher Ex hide app

Step 7. You can also go through the different option of the App by tapping the Menu button. From menu you look the Hide App option.

Step 8. A list of App will be shown on your screen.

Step 9. Now tick the Apps you want to hide and click the OK button.

Android GO Launcher Ex hide app option

Step 10. Now selected Apps will be hidden from your menu.

Method 2:- Using Link2SD Android App (for Rooted Phones).

Android Link2SD app

Link2SD is an Android App which is available on Google Playstore for free. It is provide an easy way to hide the Apps in Rooted Android phones. This App hide the Apps by freezing the background running App. It provide dual benefits one by freezing the App and other by saving the Amount of RAM which is necessary for multitasking. It can auto clear cache service, notify when movable App is installed. It can freeze both system and installed App. It can convert system App to user App and vice versa. Approximately 12,000,000 install this App.

Steps To Hide Android Apps With Link2SD.

Step 1. Download and Install the Link2SD Android App by clicking the button below.

Download Link2SD

Step 2. Click and Launch the App into your phone.

Android Link2SD plus hide app

Step 3. You can go through different Apps option at least once to understand its different options.
Step 4. In the App you will see all installed Apps.

Step 5. Click on the menu button and look for frozen option.

Android Link2SD plus freeze app option

Step 6. You will see the Apps now select the Apps and press OK button.

Step 7. Now your Apps are completely hidden and to unhidden the App long press the desired App and select unfreeze option.

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