PayTM Loot – Get your PayTM Debit card only ₹35

Hello Trickzon community . I ma back with a new and exciting offer of PayTM . In which the you can get your PayTM Physical Debit card in ₹35 rupees only .PayTM debit card generally rate ₹125 for order .but there is a trick in which you will get it’s only 30 rupees.

Paytm tricks :- if you purchase a PayTM debit card and activated it before 10th may 2018. Then you will get ₹60 Cashback . It’s a first part of trick and in 2nd part if you purchase a debit card and make a payment with PayTM UPI you will get ₹30 Cashback. That’s it.paytm platinum debit card,PayTM loot 2018

So Total = 125 – 60 -30 = ₹35

effectively price of paytm platinum debit card is 35 rupees.

Step to get your PayTM debit card :-

  1. Login your PayTM account
  2. Then go to in PayTM payment bank option
  3. There you will see your virtual Debit card .
  4. In the below there is a option Request for physical debit card
  5. Click on it and there are are total payable PayTM is 125 so do the PayTM with PayTM UPi only to get ₹30 extra Cashback
  6. Your PayTM debit card order successfully.
  7. Now wait for receive your debit card. Once you received active it before the 10th may.

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