Some important Tips to Take Safe Product Delivery to Avoid Covid-19

Instructions For Take Safe Product Delivery Avoid Covid-19

Hello friends i hope u guys doing well todey we will discuss about how to take online products grocery safely . As you all know we are in that type of situation where we feel fear all the time .fear of taking groceries or needy items.

From my personal experience as a parent when my child was demanding for a cake and i don’t have any product to make cake at home i have to order all products through online shopping but i also felt is this safe for my kid there are lots of thoughts was running in my mind how to take safe delivery of product which was very important in this situation where we all fight with covid-19 and worried about are near and dears. So there are some tips to take product safely which i personally do and wanted to share with everyone .

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Standard Instructions to take Product Delivery.

  • Ensure that the delivery agent wear mask .
  • Do not touch parcel directly, use plastic gloves and sanitize the gloves.
  • While signing tell delivery boy to sign on your behalf.
  • Place the parcel in direct Sunlight/Heat for 48 hours.
  • After following procedure correctly you can open parcel freely.

I don’t want anyone of you to get affected. Don’t be careless and strictly follow the procedure. In this hard time we have to work as a team and follow the rules which our government made for our safety not for there personal interest. I hope from this post you guys get some useful knowledge. Stay home stay safe, save lives and beat covid-19.

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