Spend ₹20 And get ₹100 Recharge

Hello Friends i hope you doing well , I am back with a exciting offer in which you will get ₹100 recharge on spending only ₹20 .

Trick – Trick working on talkcharge app . You have to make to different new account ( different phone or also you can use parallel space ). We all know about Talkcharge offer in which if you refer your friend and your friends use your code at the time of recharge you both will be get ₹20 Cashback in 24 hours in wallet. So we have to make two different account and follow the following steps.

How to get ₹100 Recharge on spending ₹20

App link click here

  • After creating two differents account account A and B ( A is the main account )
  • Now open Account B and copy refer code
  • Then open Account A and proceed to recharge amount ₹20 with refer code of B ( after complete 24 hour you will get ₹20 Cashback in both account A and B )
  • Now open Account B and proceed to recharge ₹20 with refer code of Account A ( use Cashback money ₹20 for recharge )
  • After 24 hour you will get ₹20 – ₹20 Cashback in both account
  • Now you have ₹40 Cashback in account A and ₹20 in account B ( you can use for recharge )
  • So total you spend only ₹20 and get ₹100 profit

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