Trick to get ₹800 worth products at almost free from paytm mall

Hello friends welcome to Trickzon Community. I hope you looted Pooltoo app for PayTM cash .now we are posting a new loot trick in which you can get ₹800 worth products free.

PayTM loot – Trick to get ₹800 worth products at almost free from paytm mall , we are posting all PayTM promo code by steps to avail ₹800 worth free products

Step to Get ₹800 worth free products

1)Make new account in paytm

2) Do mini kyc by entering any Id number.

3) Now do Recharge on paytm app of 50 Rs to any number, using promo code FIRST, to get 50 rs cashback instantly.

4) Now go to paytm mall app, fill ur cart with ur desired products in this manner.

Plz note:?

Add 2 products hving MALL100 offer in cart. Go to ur cart nd apply Mall100 code on one product nd welc100 code on other one

then go back

Add 1 products having Firsttimelucky offer, nd go then cart nd apply firstimelucky on new product added


Add 1 products hving Oncemonth offer nd apply code for that

Add 1 products hving flash100 offer nd apply code for that

Inshort u will hv 5 products, each with different codes applied simultaneously

5)Place order.

u will get 800 rs cashback

200Rs for firsttimelucky

200Rs for Onceamonth

200Rs for Flash100

100rs for Mall100

100Rs for welc100

links to find products of specific code ?

click here

this link for firsttimelucky nd flash100 also

Click here

this link for onceamonth

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